BASE GOAL:                               $500,000
AMOUNT RAISED TO DATE:      $305,000

From the first day Clarksville Christian School opened, plans were being made to build a school for students from kindergarten through high school and to provide the facilities that are required to offer excellence in all the academic disciplines, to accommodate extracurricular activities that students desire, and most of all, to foster the spiritual emphasis that is at the core of our mission.

The progress that has been made is phenomenal, and today we are putting the finishing touches on Phase II, which has added necessary classrooms, additional educational technology, a science laboratory, and a multi-purpose gymnasium.

The time has come to launch another three year capital campaign that will assure the continued growth and improvement that has been amazing to this point.  Your participation in the Building A Legacy campaign is vital to the success of this effort.

A survey of individuals associated with the school indicated that the following needs should be next in priority.  These include:

  • Educational Technology
  • Additional Classrooms
  • Debt Reduction
  • Sound System for Gymnasium
  • Stage Lighting
  • Drama and Band Equipment

Thus, the Board of Directors has responded by launching the Building A Legacy campaign. This campaign has a  goal of $500,000 to be given over the next three years. The Board is comprised of fiscally responsible people who are committed to being good stewards of your gifts to this campaign.

You are being asked to join many others to make all of this possible. The need is real, and the goal is realistic and attainable. Success depends on the generous contributions from people who believe in providing Christian education for our present and future students. You can be assured that each dollar given will be used wisely and that the benefits can be measured only in eternity.

The first capital building campaign from 2009-2012 was a huge success, resulting in the completion of Phase I of the current campus.  The second capital building campaign, conducted from 2012-2015 resulted in the completion of Phase IIA.  The Building A Legacy campaign will help CCS to continue to grow by completing necessary finishing touches to the facility as well as enhancing our current programs.

The Board and Administration are dedicated to the continuation of excellence at Clarksville Christian School. Each of the leaders believes that each student deserves the best environment and facility we can provide and a quality Christian education.

Please give generously and pray fervently for success of the Building A Legacy campaign. Please contact the school office at 931-647-8180 to learn more about this campaign or to make your pledge.