Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my child have to attend a church of Christ congregation to be admitted to Clarksville Christian School?

    No. Clarksville Christian School serves the Clarksville community at large without regard to race, religion, gender, color, national, or ethnic origin and has an open, non-discriminatory admission policy. It is expected that students and their parents will readily agree with some foundational Christian beliefs which are posted on the "Philosophy" page under the "About Us" heading.

  • How does Clarksville Christian School differ from a public school?

    CCS offers a low pupil-teacher ratio which allows students to receive individualized instruction and attention. Students are taught critical thinking and study skills which help them develop independence and personal accountability for their study and organizational habits. Attention is given to students’ moral and social development.

  • What curriculum does Clarksville Christian School use?

    CCS uses recognized and accredited curricula. Lower and Middle School utilizes a combination of instructional materials to include A Beka, Purposeful Design, Saxon, Macmillan/MacGraw Hill, Social Studies and Science Weekly, the Bible, and various novels. A traditional academic program including Bible, reading, math, language arts, social studies and science is emphasized. Instruction is also given in music, art, library skills, spanish, computer and physical education. Skills are framed in a biblical perspective.

    For high school academic and course information, please click here.

  • How is learning measured?

    Clarksville Christian School is committed to a low pupil/teacher ratio, which enables teachers to measure student learning in each instructional setting. CCS is committed to educational excellence, and students are measured by national and state standards. The Stanford Achievement Test is administered to students each spring.

  • Is Clarksville Christian School accredited?

    Clarksville Christian School is a dually accredited institution, having been granted full accreditation status from both AdvancED (formerly SACS--Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). 

    From the inception of Clarksville Christian School in 2007, the desire has been to strive for excellence. CCS has undergone an intensive and rigorous five-year process to earn this distinction. The benefits of affiliation with organizations such as AdvancED and ACSI hold CCS to a higher standard and degree of accountability. Benefits that are appreciated by students and their parents include greater access to federal loans, scholarships, and post-secondary education and military programs that require students to attend an accredited institution, as well as ease in transferring of credits.

  • Are lunches provided or are students required to bring their lunches from home?

    Clarksville Christian School offers a lunch program where hot lunches are available for purchase.

  • Do students have a Bible class?

    Yes. All grades have a Bible class, and all students attend chapel weekly.

  • How can I help further the efforts of this ministry?

    We petition and appreciate prayers for the success of this effort, as prayer is an essential part of this, and any, ministry. You can also share the news of this ministry with friends, family and all like-minded, interested Christians.

    Clarksville Christian School is a non-profit educational institution fully supported by tuition fees and donations. If you are interested in helping us fulfill our mission by supporting CCS financially, please click here to read about our capital campaign, or contact the school office at 931-647-8180.

  • What if my question is not on the list or I desire additional information?

    You may contact us by e-mail or by calling 931-647-8180.