Chad Taflinger

Chad Taflinger is the Upper School science teacher at Clarksville Christian School.  He received his BA in Science Education from Anderson University in 2005, and came to CCS with eleven years of experience in the classroom.

Mr. Taflinger and his family attend worship at Grace Nazarene, where he is a church board member, Wednesday night Bible study leader, an early elementary camp counselor, and VBS helper.  When not teaching, he loves sports and coaching, has a passion for the outdoors and hunting, and has a heart for missions and service.

When asked about his philosophy on Christian education, he replied:  “There will be multiple occasions during science class that I can incorporate my faith and love for Jesus.  Just looking at how God made the universe and the creatures of this universe can be explained through scripture in Genesis 1.  Also, I love how we can explore the moral and faith dilemmas of certain theories and medical practices such as evolution and stem cell research.  Our students do not need to be naive when it comes to these matters, but hopefully well educated about the multiple viewpoints that others have.”

Upper School Science - Golf Coach


B.A. Science Education
ACSI Certification