Clarksville Christian School is proud to offer several opportunities for our students to be involved in various clubs and activities.

Craft Club
Donna Latham, Sponsor

Craft club is for students who enjoy any type of crafting.  You can color, scrapbook, decorate your planner, sew, paint, make jewelry, etc. Any craft is welcome!

Proverbs 31 Girls
Angela Taflinger and Elizabeth Bruce, Sponsors

Girls Club where we dig a little deeper, get a little uncomfortable and talk about the good the bad and the ugly.  We spend most of our time discussing the struggles that we face of trying to be a Godly woman.  This year we will go on a few more field trips to help serve other women within our community and working towards improving our own self image through crafts and other hands on activities.

Barnabas Club
Stephanie Travis, Sponsor

Barnabas was the “son of encouragement.”  We all like to receive encouragement and I want us to learn how to GIVE encouragement!  This club will be a mix of encouraging lessons that will fill our sails as well as a time to find ways to give encouragement to those who may be needing it the most!  There may be homework involved, occasionally, so join me if you are ready to learn, grow, and share the gift of encouragement!

Intramural Club
Robbie Santiago and Blake Johnson, Sponsors

A survey of several sports will be played throughout the semester (Basketball, ping pong, wiffle ball, etc.)

The Breakfast Club
Lexi Hendrix, Sponsor

We like friendship, the news, and coffee.

This will be a club in which we are able to enjoy a calm morning together! You can read the news, do a small bible study, read a book, or just spend time together. BYOB (Bring your own BREAKFAST).

Organization Club
Megan Pitts and Amanda Binkley, Sponsors

To ensure that students know all the important details about being a successful upper school student.
To ensure that students are prepared to be independent learners/workers.
To ensure that students are able to maintain at least a C average in all classes.
To assist students with personal advocacy and communication skills.

Kai Jorgensen, Sponsor

Students enrolled in Concert Band will enjoy an experience with either the Beginning or Advanced band and will perform concerts at a variety of venues and events over the course of the school year! All enrolled students will be eligible to audition for Honor Bands if so desired, as well as a local Chamber Recital.

Andy Cameron and Chad Tafflinger, Sponsors

This group is made of of young men that come together weekly to discuss ways in which they can become Christ-like men. We study biblical characters and principles and then find ways to apply that to our lives today. We discuss ways to be young men who live holy lives at home, on the sports field, in the classroom, and in the community around us. In addition to discussing ways we should live, we also get out each quarter as a group in order to live life together. In the past we have had cookouts together, went to APSU football games, played at trampoline park. We have plans of camping, canoeing, other sporting events planned for this coming year. Our key verse for the group is "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17