A pursuit of excellence is the over-all objective at Clarksville Christian School, and our desire is to assist every child in achieving his/her maximum potential.  At Clarksville Christian School, all of our teachers are Christians with a Bachelors or Masters degree in education. 

All curriculum is selected with the goal to meet/and or exceed the Tennessee Academic Standards.

Spiritual – The curriculum is designed to strengthen character and prepare a young person for a life of service. The goal of our Bible program is to develop within our students a love for God and respect for the Bible as God’s inspired Word. In order to accomplish these objectives, each student will study the Bible in the classroom every day following a set of Bible standards and in weekly chapel services as a part of their regular curriculum. The principles of Christianity are the guiding force in every activity at CCS. This, along with quality training in all areas, will equip CCS students to make a lasting contribution of service to the world.

Intellectual – Clarksville Christian School makes every effort to maintain the highest academic standards.  Good citizenship requires a disciplined effort for mastery, understanding, and application of the fundamental skills of communication, mathematics, and sciences. By the use of sequential curriculum in all areas, Pre-K through 12th grade, we seek to equip the students with the academic skills needed for the future.

Cultural – The cultural arts program is planned to interrelate with the academic areas to lend cultural interest to instruction. Teachers in the fields of music and art provide enrichment and reinforcement of fundamental skills and principles. Opportunities for participation in schoolwide programs are offered yearly.

Physical – Clarksville Christian School is aware that an organized developmental program of physical education is important to the total growth of the child. Hence, principles of healthful living are included in classroom curricular areas.  Weekly physical education time is included in the curriculum for each student K-8.  For students in grades 9-12, one PE class (.5 credits) and one Wellness class (1 credit) are required for graduation.

Please note that at each grade level, the noted curriculum is used as a guideline, and our teachers enrich the curriculum to meet and exceed Tennessee academic standards using a variety of resources.  Additionally, the Bible is integrated across all curriculum.

The award-winning online curriculum Ignitia is published by Alpha Omega. Built exclusively for Christian schools, this comprehensive curriculum for students in grades 3 through 12 includes lessons in five core subject areas: Bible, language arts, math, science, and history and geography, with a diverse list of electives also available. Ignitia courses are not only rigorous and interactive, but provide instruction based on a Christian worldview, encouraging students to consider challenging questions from a biblical perspective.

Lower School Bible:
Daily Bible studies are supplemented with lessons on prayer, the life of Christ and His parables, the four gospels, the book of Acts, and the disciples. Other lessons include memory verses, hymns, and Bible stories. Each grade level uses a version of the Bible that is appropriate to its learning level. Additionally, the Association of Christian Schools International publishes an Encyclopedia of Biblical Principles for math, science, social studies, and English, which CCS uses to integrate faith and academics in our classrooms.

Upper School Bible:
Clarksville Christian School exists because we believe that the Bible is necessary for preparing a child for righteous Christian living. Therefore, our Bible Program is an essential part of our daily classes. Each of the grade levels has a different focus: sixth grade concentrates on the Old Testament; seventh grade concentrates on the New Testament; eighth grade concentrates on an overview of the entire Bible. Ninth grade digs into Christian evidences and the book of John, while tenth grade will have a New Testament or Old Testament study.  Eleventh grade is an in-depth study of Christian Leadership, and Twelfth grade focuses more on practical day-to-day living.

It is our goal at Clarksville Christian School that each student will graduate and be lifelong learners both of academics and biblical matters. It is also our goal that each student will be committed to Christ, and that he or she will glorify God in all aspects of their lives.

Special Areas:
Spanish instruction begins in Kindergarten with the building of a base vocabulary.  As the students grow and develop their skills, they focus on the basics of the Spanish language, developing conversational skills, and vocabulary. Instruction is designed to encourage students to develop respect for the language, the people, and the varied cultures represented.

Art, music, and physical education follow Tennessee guidelines. For grades K-6, music includes traditional hymns, folk, and seasonal songs. Students are taught to appreciate a variety of works by classical and contemporary composers. Studies includes pitch, beat, tempo, rhythm, dynamics, and beginning musical notation.  For Upper School, CCS offers High School Concert Choir, 8th Grade Chorus, and 7th Grade Music Fundamentals and Singing.  Beginning band is offered for students in grades 4-8.  Many additional music opportunities are also made available through participation in organizations such as honors choirs, festivals & competitions, and solo and ensemble opportunities.

High school students may take Theater Arts which covers all aspects of theater production including script writing and acting. It also addresses the difference between stage and movie acting. Yearly school performance opportunities are also made available.

CCS is committed to the use of technology as a tool for learning beginning with kindergarten. In the Fall of 2014, CCS instituted Bring Your Own Device for grades 7-12.  The two main requirements are that each student complete a Digital Driver’s License online course sponsored by the University of Kentucky and their device must be able to run the Google Chrome browser and Google Apps.  Many of the teachers are using Google Classroom as a portal for their classroom instruction.  Elementary teachers also have access to technology for their students by checking out a Chromebook cart, iPad cart, or reserving the computer lab.

Dedicated library time is offered for grades K-6.  Library skills, study and organizational skills, and critical thinking are stressed and integrated into all curriculum areas.

This curriculum complements the philosophy of the school in recognizing its important partnership with parents in the learning process. A smaller school population facilitates a very strong constant communication with parents and school staff.

All students do not learn in the same manner and at the same speed. CCS provides enrichment and tutorial programs to meet the needs of different learning styles.