Margaree King

Coach Margaree King is the Lady Centurion head basketball coach. Coach King comes to CCS with over eleven years of competitive athletic experience, teamwork, and leadership. She competed as a basketball student-athlete from 2004-2008 at West Point Military Academy, an NCAA Division I school. She graduated from West Point in 2008 with a degree in Civil Engineering. She is the founder and manager of Hustle Hard Athletics, LLC, where she manages and coaches youth student-athletes improving their physical fitness and sport-specific skills.  When asked to reflect on her coaching philosophy, she replied: “In order for us, as Christians, to reach the heights and live out the plan God has for us, we must be disciplined, we must work hard, and we must be faithful. This is simply the blueprint for all things in life, including basketball. Basketball is a perfect conduit to teach our youth how discipline, hard work, and faithfulness lead to success on and off the basketball court.”

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