Our Campus

Clarksville Christian School is currently housed in Phases I and II of what will eventually be a campus completed in three phases.  Phase 1 was completed in August, 2010 and consists of approximately 17,000 square feet.  Phase II, comprised of nearly 37,000 square feet, has recently been completed.  Phase II houses a gymnasium, cafeteria, theater stage, music room, science lab, and additional classrooms.

An exciting aspect of the facility is the energy saving Geo-Thermal system. This system consists of a series of wells, which form the underground loop for the HVAC units. With the Geo-Thermal system in place, CCS reaps up to a 50% savings in energy bills and maintenance as compared to traditional HVAC systems. Additionally, this system makes for optimal comfort for the students.

Students also have use of the Hilldale Church of Christ building, which is across the parking lot from CCS. Hilldale is a first-rate modern facility built in 1999. Common areas such as a chapel, activity building, playground, and courtyard are located here. Hilldale also has a full-sized commercial kitchen from which hot meals are provided daily for students.