Clarksville Christian School Vision Statement:

To provide academic excellence while equipping our students for righteous Christian living.

Clarksville Christian School Mission Statement:

The mission of Clarksville Christian School is to foster and maintain an educational and Christian environment wherein God is glorified in every respect academically, socially, and morally according to the teachings of the Bible.

In fulfilling this mission, Clarksville Christian School is dedicated to:

Clarksville Christian School Statement of Faith:

We believe in the sovereignty of Jehovah God and His inspired scriptures, the Holy Bible, to be the all-sufficient guide to equip humanity completely unto divine goodness (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Thus, our foundational aim and purpose is that every student in Clarksville Christian School may be continually nurtured, encouraged, and challenged toward greater excellence in every academic and personal arena of their lives so that he or she may be equipped to become more respectable and productive citizens as life-long Christian servants to God’s glory.

Our Beliefs:

It is expected that students and their parents will readily agree with the following foundational Christian beliefs: