“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth…”
3rd John 1:4

In November of 2006, a bold decision was made to open a Christian school in the Sango area of Clarksville, Tennessee for the 2007-08 school year. This decision was the culmination of a study process that began in October, 2005 by a group of dedicated Christians known as the Christian School Exploratory Team (CSET). The team was comprised of interested individuals including certified educators, business professionals, and interested parents.

Throughout this process, the CSET referred frequently to this quote by the late David Lipscomb, founder of Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee:

We have but little faith in the church making earnest and faithful Christians, until it takes the children and teaches them, not an hour one day in the week, but every day in the week. The church that gives up the education of the children to others will no doubt have faithless members. A few earnest men or women in the schoolroom, day by day, impressing the hearts of the young with the religious truths that should govern them through life, will do more to advance religion and build up a church than an army of eloquent preachers. (Gospel Advocate, 1870)

Clarksville Christian School opened its doors in August, 2007 in the youth education wing of the Hilldale Church of Christ. In just three years, CCS was blessed with much growth, and was able to move into a new stand-alone facility, which will eventually be completed as a three-phase campus.

Clarksville Christian School is now getting ready to enter its eleventh year of existence and is blessed to serve an increasing number of students each year as enrollment continues to grow. Phase two of our facility, which includes a new gymnasium, science lab, cafeteria, and additional classroom space, has been recently completed.  This is an exciting time to be a part of CCS! We continue to improve the academic and extracurricular experiences of our students while continuing to emphasize Biblical principals to encourage each student to grow his or her own faith walk.

We are thankful for the many ways God continues to bless Clarksville Christian School. By the grace of God and prayerful planning, along with many dedicated Christians who love children, we have arrived at the point at which we are today. This is not the end of our story, but only the beginning. Please help us by continuing to pray for CCS, the Board of Directors, administration, faculty, staff, our students and their families. May God bless you abundantly.