Baseball pitcher getting ready to throw.

WE ARE Centurions

Clarksville Christian Athletics

Courage, Humility, Integrity

The mission of the Clarksville Christian Athletics is to inspire students by helping them develop character traits that encourage them mentally and physically to overcome life’s challenges. Training our athletes to have courage, humility, integrity, work ethic, and holding themselves to a Christ-like standard in all that we do on and off the field. They then will have the opportunity for growth in all areas of life going forward.

β€œJesus grew in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52

We work to field competitive teams in every sport. We will compete with class, sportsmanship, character, and respect for our opponents and officials. We pursue and celebrate championships while giving God the glory for these blessings. However, if we do all these things, but fail to intentionally model Jesus in our interactions with each other, if we fail to reflect His love to those around us, if we fail to create an environment of spiritual growth for our student athletes, we have failed to fulfill the overriding purpose of Clarksville Christian Athletics.


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Softball TSIAA State Runner-Up