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Creative Arts

Creative Arts

Celebrating Creativity

We were created to be creative, just like our God, who is the ultimate creator. Therefore, at CCS, we give great importance to the arts and their role in our students' lives. We provide various platforms through which our students can showcase their talents and express themselves. The arts are a divine gift that feeds our souls in a way that words simply cannot.

The following special areas are available for K-12.

Boy playing recorder


Our school's band program allows students to discover and enhance their musical talents through organized instruction and performing opportunities. Experienced instructors guide students as they learn essential skills like teamwork, discipline, and musical expression. Through rehearsals, concerts, and competitions, band members not only showcase their commitment and passion for music, but also contribute to the thriving artistic community at Clarksville Christian School.


The chorus program at Clarksville Christian School is an opportunity for students to develop their vocal abilities and love for music. With the guidance of experienced educators, students receive training in vocal technique, music theory, and ensemble performance. They have the opportunity to enhance their skills through regular rehearsals and public performances, collaborate with their peers, and showcase their passion for music to the school community. Whether you're a seasoned singer or just starting out, this program is the perfect place to unlock your inner artist and discover a lifelong love for music.


Are you ready to unleash your inner actor and take center stage? Our drama program is the perfect place for students to explore the exciting world of theater. From analyzing scripts to performing on stage, students will have a blast developing their acting skills. Our enthusiastic instructors will be there every step of the way, helping them collaborate with their peers to put on outstanding theatrical productions that showcase their talents. Not only will students learn valuable teamwork, communication, and self-expression skills, but they'll also have fun and make lifelong memories. So why wait? Join us, and let's create some unforgettable performances together!

Visual Arts

Clarksville Christian School offers a visual arts program that focuses on helping students express themselves creatively through hands-on experience in various artistic mediums like drawing, painting, and sculpture. The program also covers art history and contemporary practices to give students a well-rounded appreciation for the visual arts. Through individual and group projects, students can develop their artistic voice, refine their skills, and showcase their work in regular exhibitions and showcases. This program is an excellent opportunity for students to explore their creative abilities and share their work with others.